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* Foundation Global Dermatology arose after dissolution of Foundation Polderma in Emmeloord and Foundation Tropen-Dermatologie in Munnekeburen.

The incomes consist of a one-time gift from these two foundations, contributions from Dutch dermatologists working in developing countries and donations.

The funds are first of all spent on activities in developing countries and to a lesser extent in the Netherlands.

* The board meets four times a year to evaluate general and financial policies.

The balance and the state of avails and costs during the preceding fiscal year are drawn-up and assessed during the board meeting in June.

The board members enjoy no financial reward for their work.

* Foundation Global Dermatology aims at small-scale and commitment.

* The foundation is directly involved in dermatological education in developing countries, particularly in Tanzania and Ethiopia and also in community-dermatology and leprosy research in Brazil.

In particular, there is co-operation with the Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Moshi in Tanzania, the Ayder University, Makelle in Ethiopia and the Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima in Bauru, SP, Brazil. Research at these institutes is supported.

* In Europe there is co-operation with dermatologists from among others, England, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

* Opportunities to study at specialised institutes and participate in post-graduate courses are created for dermatologists in developing countries.

* European dermatologists may receive a donation for research, for working in the tropics and for lectures to colleagues within the frame-work of tropical-dermatology.

* Publications in the area of tropical-dermatology are supported both with regard to the contents and financial assistance.